The O2 Group brings together a partnership of highly specialised boutique businesses to offer a comprehensive and complementary range of expert knowledge and innovation to the property, agriculture, infrastructure and resource sectors.

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UDP Group

Excellence Through Partnerships.

UDP is a consulting engineering and project management practice owned by its staff, and operating since 2004. UDP services all areas of Queensland with offices in Townsville, Mackay, Whitsundays and Brisbane. It also has an office in Port Moresby which services the Pacific Region. Our company is still growing, with specialist disciplines developed to meet our ever-growing demand.



ETS Engineering

Partnering in Excellence.

ETS is a full-service engineering consultancy established in 1975, providing civil and structural engineering advice and support to clients in both the public and private sectors. The directors, partners and senior executive have extensive professional experience in these disciplines and are supported by a comprehensive team of professionals with expertise in property, resources, infrastructure, agriculture and waste sectors.



O2 Environment and Engineering

Your Partners in Soil and Water Management.

O2 Environment + Engineering is a specialist environmental and engineering consultancy providing surface water, groundwater and soils specialty technical services Australia wide to the property, resources, infrastructure, agriculture and waste sectors. Their specialist team of engineers and scientists are trusted by clients and regulators to deliver innovative solutions to environmental management and engineering problems.


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FSA Consulting

Delivering Solutions for Todays Agriculture.

FSA is a professional consultancy providing agricultural, environmental and engineering services to intensive livestock industries, broadacre farmers, abattoirs and the industry. FSA's multi-disciplinary team includes highly qualified agricultural and environmental engineers and agricultural scientists with diverse experience.



O2 Marine

Marine Ecologists specialising in Harbours, Ports and Coastal Management.

O2 Marine is a specialist ecological and environmental consultancy providing marine ecological assessment & monitoring expertise, marine habitat mapping and marine pest management services to ports and harbours, ocean outfalls, oil and gas sectors.



Turbid Stormwater Solutions

Stormwater and Waterway Management Specialists.

Turbid Stormwater Solutions consists of a team of engineers and scientists who, through innovative design, provide product and stormwater management solutions protecting our waterways from harmful sediment. They also provide the construction and resources sectors with cost effective, low maintenance solutions to meet Australian compliance regulations.



O2 Ecology

Terrestrial Ecologists specialising in Mining, Gas and Linear Infrastructure Sectors.

O2 Ecology is a leading ecological consultancy providing specialised ecological knowledge and assessment skills to property, resources, infrastructure, agriculture and waste sectors throughout Australia. Core competencies and expertise include flora and fauna surveys, threatened species surveys, Regional Ecosystem (RE) verification and mapping, fauna spotter/catcher, offsets determination, impact assessment and management, approvals, rehabilitation and monitoring, research and training.