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O2UDP brings together a partnership of highly specialised boutique businesses to offer a comprehensive and complementary range of expert knowledge and innovation across a number of industry sectors.

Our diverse skills and experience coupled with our collective drive and determination has entrusted us with an energised culture of thought leaders focused on providing improved outcomes within both the public and private arenas.


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O2 Environment and Engineering

Your Partners in Soil and Water Management.
O2 Environment + Engineering is a specialist environmental and engineering consultancy providing services in the areas of surface water, groundwater and soils, across Australia to the property, resources, infrastructure, agriculture and waste sectors. Their specialist team of engineers and scientists are trusted by clients and regulators to deliver innovative solutions to environmental management and engineering problems.


o2 marine

O2 Marine

Marine Ecologists specialising in Harbours, Ports and Coastal Management.
O2 Marine is a specialist ecological and environmental consultancy providing marine ecological assessment & monitoring expertise, marine habitat mapping and marine pest management services to ports and harbours, ocean outfalls, oil and gas sectors.


o2 Ecology

O2 Ecology

Terrestrial Ecologists specialising in Mining, Gas and Linear Infrastructure Sectors.
O2 Ecology is a leading ecological consultancy providing specialised ecological knowledge and assessment skills to property, resources, infrastructure, agriculture and waste sectors throughout Australia. Core competencies and expertise include flora and fauna surveys, threatened species surveys, Regional Ecosystem (RE) verification and mapping, fauna spotter/catcher, offsets determination, impact assessment and management, approvals, rehabilitation and monitoring, research and training.